Read First :)

Please do not send or drop-off samples at the Core before completing these steps.


E-mail the Core at to inquire about a request.


Once the Core has approved your submission for processing, we will provide custom-printed numbered labels and submission tubes. If you are submitting extracted DNA, we will provide a custom-labeled 96-well plate.


Make an Agilent CrossLab Account HERE. This is the interphase between your submission and the Core. All sample processing updates will occur on CrossLab.


Each sample in your submission form will have its own unique custom-printed numbered label. You will be responsible for adding the label/sample to the tube, per your submission form. We will not be responsible for cross-contamination or mislabeling.


Setup your payment information following the instructions HERE. This will link a payment account to your CrossLab Account and allow us to properly bill our services.


Processing should take between 3-4 weeks. All sample updates will be communicated to you via your CrossLab account. You will also receive a courtesy e-mail anytime and update is made.


When your sample request is received on CrossLab (with payment information), the Core will review the submission and provide tweaks and changes if necessary. Once the submission is correct, the Core will approve processing.


The Core will generate for you a PubShare account. This is where your data will be posted and available for your convenience.