1| Agilent CrossLab Submission

On Agilent CrossLab, make a formal submission with payment information.

2| Service Quote

Based on the service requested, the Core will provide a custom quote for your project. The quote will vary depending on sequencing needs for your particular samples.

3| Submission Form, Tubes Or Plates

Once you have confirmed the quote and provided payment, the Core will provide a custom sample report form with sample information. We will also ship out specialized tubes and custom labels to your location. In the case that you wish to ship extracted DNA, you may ship it on ice in a sealed 96-well PCR plate.

4| Shipping Samples (Sample Input)

At your location, you will be responsible for depositing 70mg of your sample into the specialized tubes, as well as properly labeling them with the correct custom label. In the case of shipped DNA, you will be responsible for shipping 20μl of DNA on a 96-well plate. The plate locations will be specified in the sample report. The Core will NOT be responsible for samples placed into incorrect tubes/wells or sample information placed into incorrect spots on the sample-submission form.

5| Receiving & Confirmation

The Core will confirm the arrival of all samples. Once all samples are received and confirmed, DNA extraction will begin.

6| DNA Extraction

The Core will process your samples utilizing the Promega Maxwell RSC 48 Instrument. We can process up to forty-eight (48) samples per hour.

7| DNA Quantification

After the Maxwell RSC 48 has finished extracting DNA from all samples, DNA samples will be quantified using the ThermoFisher Quant-It dsDNA High-Sensitivity Kit on a microplate reader.

8| Sample Processing

At this point, the Core will process your extracted DNA based on your submission request; 16S or Metagenomic Sequencing.

9| Sequencing

For 16S Sequencing, it will be done on the Illumina HiSeq with PE250. For Metagenomic Sequencing, it will be done either on the HiSeq 4000, NextSeq 500 or NovaSeq 6000 with PE150. This be decided by the customer based on their specific sequencing depth requirements.

10| Data Delivery

After sequencing, your raw and processed data will be uploaded to PubShare for you to download at your earliest convenience. The data will be de-multiplexed and ready for analysis.

11| Billing

After sequencing has been completed, you will be billed using the account number or P.O. number that you provided.

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